Marketer’s Panel Local Link Plan

The Marketer’s Panel Local Link Plan

A 7 Month Offpage Strategy for Local Clients


We specialize in helping local SEO agencies and consultants with fulfillment. If you haven’t feel free to check out our full line of white-label local SEO services here.

Our services are geared towards helping local businesses rank.

These services are great if you have a nationwide campaign. Particularly if your business has a GMB verified address.

How Much Will These Services Cost Per Month?

My recommendations are usually between $150 and $250 per month. Some months are cheaper than this.

To get a better result and  grasp on costs, I recommend starting by signing up with our free dashboard. You will be able quickly to access the price list and order forms for any services that have not been added to the PDF price list.

Although I prefer to be very conservative with my clients after 14 years in the business, that’s not the only style I have adopted.

If you have the budget, you can always make my 7-month plan into a 3-month plan by expediting what I wrote in this guide.

There are many benefits to being cautious and safe when it comes SEO, especially when it involves client work


How Unique Are These Services?

These services are an all-encompassing plan that I have created for my clients. These services are not interchangeable. Each service will provide you with a unique deliverable from each domain.

This is also all white-hat stuff, which is extremely conservative in terms of safety when it comes to linking. You won’t find any risky links here because I don’t take chances with my clients.



What Does this Guide Not Cover?

Actually, quite a lot of stuff.

This guide doesn’t cover a few core areas that are important for SEO success:

Onpage SEO. You’ll be fine for onpage as long as you know the basics. It’s not something I will be focusing on here.

Content. Content is becoming more important than water in a desert. Although it can be difficult to find and produce content, you will need it to make your website successful. While I will share some content strategies in the future I believe that good content is only possible if you have a solid keyword research process. You’ll get some use out of our free tool, Entity Explorer, for this.

Design/UX. This year, I am learning a lot about user experience. As Google strives for a great user experience, it is more important to understand how users interact with your pages. It is essential to have a designer available who can help you implement your visions, or simply get your content published with a decent design.


How to Use This Guide

Although this guide is an excellent starting point, I encourage everyone to modify it to meet their specific needs. It should be tailored to your agency and your standard operating procedures.

This plan is highly recommended. I have experienced great success using it myself. My local leadgen experiments and my local service business are my local clients.

However, as I mentioned, this local SEO plan has not been set in stone.

SEO’s worst and best part is that it doesn’t seem to be permanent. Over the years, I have found that adaptability is key to SEO success. This is why I will try to keep this guide updated as often as possible.

Marketer’s Panel Local Link Plan


Month 1: Setting Your Local Ranking Foundation


If your client is unsure of the location of citations or has them, I recommend GMB Foundations, Big Citations and a Citation Audit for the first month.

Big Citations Is an Affordable Moz Local Alternative

Big Citations is very similar to Moz Local. We built Big Citations around was a free citation check tool that displayed the authority citations a company was listed with. It was quite impressive and extremely useful.

They were then bought by Moz for $1,000,000 and completely neutered them.

Moz Local was built in the wake of GetListed. The rest is history.

Moz Local and So Big Citations are very similar. We submit the 25+ authority citations to the core data aggregators. The service is constantly being improved and changed. Big Citations is undergoing a major change, even as I write this. Some data aggregators closed their doors to submissions. Voice search has become more popular, so we’ve replaced them with large voice search sites such as Apple Maps.

One of our most popular services is big citations. You can find the latest price on it and other services by signing up to our free dashboard here.

Citation Audits Are Sometimes Needed

Now in terms of citation audits, the only time you probably wouldn’t run a citation audit is if the site is brand-new. No audit is required if there are no citations to check and find.

Many people ask me whether it is okay to run new citations along with a citation audit or cleanup campaign. Answer: “Yes!” New citations can be run alongside a citation audit and cleanup campaign. They won’t get in each other’s way because we’ll be creating new citations for sites that you haven’t yet touched.

In general, I recommend that you get your client’s on-page and citation fixes started within the first month. These types of services can help you do this. There are always glaring problems that you can fix for a client when they first come on board.

Our citation audits cost only $15 per location. This is a reasonable price considering how we do it. We simply grab as many citations as we can find online. We then manually review each URL and take note of what information is available for the address, phone number, and business name. Because it is more thorough, we prefer to use a manual approach for our audits. When automation is combined with some elbow grease, we can leave no stone unturned.

GMB Foundations Is the Perfect First-Month Service for Your Clients

In terms of first month optimizations, check out GMB Foundations and everything it covers. This service is designed to optimize everything within the client’s GMB.

GMB Foundations offers a 28-day, 4-phase optimization service. We will take care of a few optimizations each week related to ranking your GMB.

It’s pretty comprehensive, more than what this guide could cover, so if you want to see what’s done week-by-week please check out the information page here. If you want to see the latest pricing on GMB Foundations, you can sign up for the free dashboard here.



Month 2: Link Building and (Sometimes) Citation Cleanup Begins


Month 2 will be spent exploring Hyper Local Citations and Social Foundations 2.0. There may have been some errors in your citation audit from the previous month. This is where our Citation Cleanup service will come in handy.


After Big Citations is Done, Immediately Move to Hyper Local

While Big Citations is a one-time order, Hyper Local is what you’ll be using for the others.

Hyper Local Citations are what you will use to complete the 300+ remaining citations for US businesses (100+ for the UK, Canada and Australia…40+ in all other countries).


Social Foundations: Links and Unstructured Citations from the Best 300 Social Sites Online

Social Foundations 2.0 is very similar in design to You may already be familiar with this website. We actually gathered 600 social sites from to create Social Foundations. Half of them were tossed because they weren’t high quality and couldn’t backlink. The remaining 300 we divided into lists.

These lists can be divided according to the type of backlinks they can provide (Dofollow/Nofollow) as well as whether interlinking is possible with other social profiles. Social Foundations evolved over time. What started out as a simple service for creating social profiles has grown to include all the SEO features you can get with these types of links.

Social Foundations sites will usually give an unstructured link from each site along with a citation, unless otherwise noted in the list.

Wrapping Up Your Citation Errors Will Take Around 4-5 Weeks So It’s a Good Idea to Tackle That Early

Did the citation audit of the previous month reveal any errors in your pre-existing references? It would be a good idea to correct any errors found in the citation audit from the previous month.

While some companies charge a flat fee, which is usually $300 minimum for cleanup, you only pay what you actually need. Our average cleanup job costs between $60 and $70. Even if we are unable to clean up the site, we will refund your money. To give you an idea, we have a success rate of around 65%.

It’s the most fair and affordable citation cleaning service on the market. It is all done manually and I am proud of it.



Month 3: Tangible Deliverables with Videos, Infographics, and GMB Posts


It’s important that you deliver tangible deliverables to your client by the end of the third month. I would continue to slowly build Hyper Local Citations (I do 40 per month until they are all complete) and also look at Rich Media Citations and GMB Posts as well as our Infographic Creation & Distribution service.

You can show your client all three services and say, “Hey! It’s pretty cool!” They will say, “Wow! He’s really putting everything together for us.” This is important for building trust in an area where there is not much.

Videos, Links and Unstructured Citations with Rich Media Citations

Rich Media Citations is an excellent service. We will not only build unstructured links and citations for your client but will also write scripts, voiceover and put together a video for you client. This can be a great deliverable, as I have already mentioned.

Rich Media Citations’ strength is not in the video. The diversity of sites that you will end up linking to is what really makes Rich Media Citations strong. The video and parts of it are syndicated to Video, Audio and Image sites. These sites will provide you with backlinks as well as unstructured citations, which is approximately 50-60 sites.

GMB Premium Posts Can Continue From Here

If you ordered GMB Foundations with GMB Premium Posts in the first month, by this time you could add some fresh posts to the listing.

GMB Posts is a completely different beast, but it’s just as efficient. Your client’s blog posts and positive reviews can be showcased. We are working on integrating this with client’s social media. However, we have not yet expanded the service.

GMB Posts can be a great tool for businesses with a lot of traffic. Posts have been viewed thousands of times, which is why we believe that most businesses still don’t know about this feature.

GMB Posts is unique in that it offers a “set and forget” service. Using our free order management dashboard you can set up a GMB Posts order to schedule and recur automatically. You don’t even have to think about it. We handle it every month.

See Some Samples of Our Infographics

You will receive another 50+ links and an infographic from the Infographic Creation and Delivery service. This can be used for your blog posts and social media.

See samples of our infographics to get a better idea of their quality. Check out the 5 we’ve posted on this page here.



Month 4: Exploring Google Stacking with Google Cloud Links


Now that you have a good amount of social profiles and citations, we can start looking at services that will help put these properties to work.

Because Google Cloud Links is such an innovative and versatile tool that you can use in your marketing strategy, we’ve spent a whole month dedicating it.

Here’s how one SEO is currently using it ( posted in the Local Marketing Business Page):

It’s a win-win situation when you can combine what you do with other strategies. I like Google Cloud Links because it does this and more.

Google Cloud Links is a service that interlinks with many of the links that we have already created for you over the past months.

Each Google property is carefully built out and interlinked. We will also link to your main social and citation properties.

There’s actually a lot of detail behind this service so I made a quick 2 minute video going over a sample report on the Google Cloud Links information page.



Month 5: Leveraging the Power of Affordable Authority Links


Let’s discuss authority building for the 5th month.

You can add authority links to your site during any month, even month 1.

Real Bloggers for Local Service Clients

Real Bloggers is a service mainly geared towards local clients in the home/family niches. These links will give a boost to any business that serves the family or home: dentists, doctors and home service companies such as maids, landscapers and maids.

These are links that we build on blogs of real bloggers, most often family bloggers. These blogs are not ours and they don’t have PBNs. They’re just bloggers who have agreed to be partners with us, but don’t usually sell links.

These are extremely affordable compared to other guest posts that I have seen on the market.

A Press Release at Least Once For the Domain

Our press release service (PR Marketing Machine) is something that I update every few months it seems, but I wouldn’t recommend running it more than once per year.

We initially offered 3 options for syndication, but eventually decided to remove 2 because they were of low quality. The paid option did not follow their links, while the other was syndicated across sites that had very similar IP addresses.

Both are good reasons to give them the axe.

With our new manual submission option, however, we have much more control over the destination of PRs.

Press releases are my favorite because you will get a context link within the PR, but also a lot of unstructured references from the business name, address and phone.

We also pay for 4 accounts at paid PR sites that we are members. Your PR will be sent to these accounts along with our manual syndication.



Month 6: Let’s Talk Tiered Linking


By the sixth month, you can start to explore some of our link building services that will really stretch your linking budget.

Tier 1 Options: Budget Tier 1s and Local Mini Sites

Budget Tier 1’s is a popular choice because it’s so affordable. We’ve discovered many high-authority sites that allow us sign up and host content. They aren’t PBNs. These sites are mainly niche-based community websites.

Sometimes people are confused about what these links mean. The best way is to download a sample report here, so you can see and judge for yourself! These reports are often sold as “guest posts” at $60-$300+. This is because they have such great metrics. Don’t let this fool you, we can do these for a fraction of the cost that others charge for similar sites.

Local Mini Sites is one of our best and newer services launched just last year. It is great for pushing local link relevancy and co-citations to your client’s website. It’s worth checking out. We had many requests for it and people are seeing great results now that it is finally available.

If you want to see any example of our mini sites and what one of our Local Mini Sites look like, check out this link here.


Contextual Tier 2s to Boost It All

You can also order our Contextual Tier 2 stand-alone service to crawl any of your Tier 1 properties (including Social Foundations citations).

Although this service is often added to many of our services, many people don’t realize that it can also be purchased separately.

These are contextual links that GSA-SER has created over a period between 14 and 30 days. These links should not be pointed to your money site. They should only be directed to your Tier 2/3 properties.


What Can You Expect By The End of This Plan?

As I said in month 7, you should be able to show off the amazing rankings you have achieved. People have sent me videos and screenshots of their massive ranking increases after just one month from the Big Citations, or even Month 2 from Social Foundations.

However, it is not possible to achieve great results with just one service. The true power lies in the combination of all the services to achieve the desired results. This is when you can really see improvements.





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